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Jan 6, 2013 10:00pm EST
records that have come forth with the kgb agent in most of of the fbi files. with a bevy of other suspects in the government÷ particular lead during the of war. all this over and over again confirms which chambers would say and goes beyond what chambers had to say.Ñ he did not know what's the fbi knew. the second to major point* is the chamber's assertion the real issue is not a. [inaudible] source buying with the cloak and dagger images but policy influence with these people÷ñ were doing with greater success was to atilt american policy in favor ofñ the soviet interest he made that point* strongly and dad was confirmed with my recent studies. with the run up to pearl harbor with the approval of slave labor to moscow where hiss was a major factor. those are e3 slave labor to moscow where hiss was a major factor. those are examples with perot soviet operatives tilted policy within the communist interest. and confirmed over everything i have seen since that contributed to a morose temper and pessimistic with good reason. he is cassandra and not from the 40's but 1939 nothing was d
Jan 6, 2013 7:00pm EST
in alaska last year the fbi gave covenant house its community partner reward for the work that we're doing to identify victims of sex trafficking and to work on the prosecution of those a traffic kids. in pennsylvania several weeks covenant house in philadelphia lead a coalition that successfully championed new safe harbor legislation that helps victims of sex trafficking. and that would be true throughout the united states and, of course, and latin america where covenant house works and mexico, it bottle, guatemala and in honduras we work directly. including broken up -- coprosecutor cartels were trafficking kids as essex, seven, eight, nine, ten years old and are programs. the work that we do to help victims recover depends on where that victim is in terms of their exploitation and suffering, but it almost always involves psychiatric counseling, helping and people begin to deal with rape and exploitation and then help them build up plan for that is not very different than the work that we were doing, you know, 30 years ago. because of trafficking now, but it's been going on for a long ti
Jan 6, 2013 11:15pm EST
and the fbi found this local businessman who had agreed to go undercover in a city hall he wore a wire and have a hidden camera and handled the briefcase and he taped various aides including his top aide taking the bribes of the city offers the contracts and favors and this became known as a federal fbi case called operation founder bellmon run by an agent named dennis aiken who was originally from mississippi and he had this investigation that resulted in the conviction. >> the city will never get people to convict him. he had 67% of the voters thinking that he had done a good job even though they got he was guilty and when but he was sentenced in jail, they talked about how she was to people, dr. jekyll and mr. hyde. what he was convicted of is racketeering conspiracy but not actually being physically involved in any of the underlining acts. and he kind of frame it. he became a boss that was able to stay directly out of the line but he knew everything that was going on. she was the kind of guy that said how many rolls of toilet paper there were in the city hall. but he really didn't.
Jan 13, 2013 7:15am EST
there and the snow was clearing, and they just build a fence around that i have pictures of the fbi. they tried to figure, we want to take this cabin because we think our bombs and. so they decided to build, they're going to fly at the. somebody said anybody ever see the "wizard of oz"? solid build a road and so it was months building roads. this is up on a mountain, you know. i got to know the neighbors. so i got in behind the fbi lines, and i cannot to stay with the neighbors and to take me up on snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. and i found in the woods, in the fire there's a big piece of wood and it has all these mathematical symbols that the unabomber had been. and his root cellar where he tried to get his brother to go in and locking them. but the neighbors loved jasinski. they just loved this guy. and i thought my god, i would like to write the story, forget the unabomber, just this guy interacting with people. all black installing bad and he would ride to the town and all the docs were chastened and he would get glorified. he would get everybody vegetable to do what i did is i went
Jan 13, 2013 12:00am EST
of -- group of federal and state7 officials with the fbi, homeland security and secret service and agents who fight tears and. they have pretty well figured out a qaeda domestically in terms of violence and it's pretty unlikely with the exception of small bombing that anything large would have been. but to say they don't have a handle on the infiltration going on by al qaeda through domestic intelligence agencies and the defense department so on. what they tell me as al qaeda has pretty well figured out, and the other islamist terrorist, they can't be the west by blowing us up but they will have two use use the taxes that the soviets use against us in 1930s and 40s. in fact as you go on the msha and i would challenge you that, google with the left said about challenges to the infiltration of islamic terrorism into america. what what you find his is ridiculed. you will recall when several members of congress raised the issue of hillary clinton's top aides mullah of the dean having islamic connections and that in fact told me that you cannot even get the question of infiltration by islamic7 te
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5